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Edição em CD duplo de "Seasons: Rising | Falling", um projecto que levou David Fonseca a escrever um diário musical durante um ano. Conta com as colaborações de Catarina Salinas (Best Youth), Mallu Magalhães e Luísa Sobral.




"Seasons: Rising"

1. Under the Willow

2. What Life Is For

3. The Beating of the Drums

4. Every Time We Kiss

5. It Feels Like Something

6. Heavy Heart (It Won't Go Away) (c/ Catarina Salinas)

7. Armageddon

8. Whatever the Heart Desires

9. Go*Dance*All*Night

10. We're So Much Better Than This

11. I Would Have Gone and Loved You Anyway


Alinhamento "Seasons: Falling"


1. I'll Never Hang My Head Down

2. Monday, Tuesday; Wednesday, Thursday (c/ Mallu Magalhães)

3. All That I Wanted

4. Queen of the Golden Sounds

5. It Means I Love You

6. No More Tears Running

7. It Shall Pass (c/ Luísa Sobral)

8. At Your Door

9. Heartbroken

10. On My Feet Again

11. I'll See You In My Dreams

CD Seasons Rising | Falling (duplo)

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